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Renata Zas
by renatazas

RZ began studying art curating and management in 2009 at ESEADE University in Buenos Aires, an institution who held an exchange agreement with Philadelphia Institute (US). Her BA dissertation research explored what she classified and contraposed as ‘ethical’ and ‘unethical’ strategies in so-called ´political art´ by two globally re-known contemporary artists, Alfredo Jaar (Chile) and Santiago Sierra (Spain). During her bachelor RZ collaborated as an intern assistant in several contemporary art projects: URRA, an international residency programme; Jardín Oculto, an art gallery who supported emerging artists mainly from Buenos Aires; and Rolf Art, an art gallery specialised in photography. In 2013 she started working as a gallery assistant and curatorial advisor at Pasto gallery, and since 2014 she worked both in Pasto and Machete, a contemporary art consultancy project which held an associate gallery in Mexico D.F. During that year, RZ designed an education programme for Machete´s current and potential young collectors and people that were interested in the arts but felt intimidated by its codes and rules.

In 2015 she worked as content advisor, producer and coordinator of interdisciplinary art workshops at Centro Cultural Kirchner, together with artist Laura Ojeda Bar. In the same year she became a fellow of Di Tella University´s Programa de Artistas (a one-year-non-academic programme for artists, curators and art critics directed by Inés Katzenstein).

In 2016 RZ assisted art writer and curator Rafael Cippolini in research and curatorial tasks for the exhibition Centre. Forms and stories from Recoleta´s Cultural Centre which took place at Centro Cultural Recoleta.

Throughout these years, RZ has assisted many contemporary artists in Buenos Aires.

Finally, in 2016 RZ moved and settled down in London to start her master´s in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London. During that year she took Curating and Ethics and Geopoetics as her main seminars while auditing some classes in Spatial Biopolitics and Transforming Critical Practices. Her dissertation topic explored some of what have been named as the Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism related to the on-going evolution of Digital media and what Franco ´Bifo´ Berardi has warned as sign alerts of desensitisation and loss of empathy. The questions she raised in her paper where embodied by five artworks from three Argentinean artists whom she has worked since 2015 (Mercedes Azpilicueta, Nicolás Gullotta and Florencia Vecino). This written piece embraced theory while ending with new hypotheses or paths to follow in the near future. After RZ graduated she started a 3-month research on social media where she designed her personal avatars to experience some of the theoretical questions she had exposed in her written work.

RZ thinks of herself as a contemporary art researcher who thinks in a critical way through curatorial lens. She is interested in building collaborative and horizontal networks which she tried to implement since her early exhibitions calling them, experiments: 4, at Centro Cultural Matienzo, BA; Try it at home, Pasto gallery, BA; Zona Hadal, Palais de Glace, National Cultural Centre, BA; Against the Instinct, Di Tella´s University, Art Department.

She is currently based in Buenos Aires while looking for opportunities to continue with her research.

During this past three months RZ has developed an education programme to visit contemporary art exhibitions with a heterogeneous and curious group of people. The group is titled Everything deep loves the mask by Friedrich Nietzsche and Gustavo Cerati´s appropiaton of the philosopher´s quote in his song “Camuflaje” (Camouflage, 2002).

images. Waster Rita and self-portrait

Marti Manen,
Art Department UTDT, Buenos Aires, Argentina


I know noble accents
And lucid, inescapable rhythms;
But I know, too,
That the blackbird is involved
In what I know.

Wallace Stevens
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

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